Love Has Nine Lives Music & Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan & Bob Lame © 1992. All rights reserved. So the moon is full and you’re back out on the street Lady Love’s been cruel to you You fell too far this time to wind up on your feet You don’t believe you’ll ever see it… Read More

Miles Before Dawn Music & Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan & Bob Lame © 1992. All rights reserved. I can’t help the way I feel I wouldn’t change it if I could I’m not asking for no diamond ring Or you to move into my neighborhood But it’s getting way past midnight Don’t you feel the… Read More

Baby I’m Falling Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan & Bob Lame © 1993. All rights reserved. Talking to your friends last night They’re saying something just ain’t right Wish I could make them truly understand I know you want to take it slow I just want to let it go But you won’t even let me… Read More

Wizardwood Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 1987. All rights reserved. Midnight dark the moon has set Branches loom forbidding me Passage through these trees Traveling through the wizard wood My horse abandoned long ago Stepping soft through leaf and fen No sword hanging by my side Magic is my only friend Wandering in the wizard… Read More

On Eventide of May Lyrics by Michelle Augustyniak. All rights reserved. Do harken now ye maids I tell a tale Of Beltane fire and that which came of me Well met was I on eventide of May Forever now I must enchanted be In innocence I went into the wood Drawn nigh unto the Beltane… Read More

In the Belly of the Mother Lyrics by Music for the Goddess © 1999. All rights reserved. Over the snow, the light returns The bravest flowers raise their heads In expectation of spring Quickening in the belly of the mother Steady the wick and pour the wax As we perform the chandler’s tasks Create enough to light… Read More

Calling the Quarters Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 1999. All rights reserved. Fast as thought, soft as a breeze Sharp as a sword, MENTALITY East and air I call on thee,  Welcome welcome Blessed Be East and air I call on thee,  Join our circle Blessed Be Hot as flame, red as blood Strong as… Read More

Round and Round Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 1999. All rights reserved. There’s a glade in the forest where great bonfires burn Drummers beat out the rhythm while the dancers jump and shout and clap and tap and turn Chorus: Round and Round never end  Open, never broken, oh we will meet again Fate takes… Read More

The Ishtar Pomp Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2003. All rights reserved. Chant: Hail to Ishtar, Hail to Ishtar, Lady of the Largest Heart.… Read More

Uruk Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2005. Additional words by Betty Meador. All rights reserved. Chant: Brick by Brick, stone by stone, we build Uruk, it is our home Chant: Inanna, Inanna, child of the Moon God Spoken: On her smooth brow she paints fire beams and fearsome glint Fastens carnelian, blood red and glowing… Read More