The Ishtar Pomp Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2003. All rights reserved. Chant: Hail to Ishtar, Hail to Ishtar, Lady of the Largest Heart.… Read More

Uruk Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2005. Additional words by Betty Meador. All rights reserved. Chant: Brick by Brick, stone by stone, we build Uruk, it is our home Chant: Inanna, Inanna, child of the Moon God Spoken: On her smooth brow she paints fire beams and fearsome glint Fastens carnelian, blood red and glowing… Read More

Tuesday’s Lament Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2005. All rights reserved. Death has touched me. She is here Standing at the shoulder of my friend She is no more of this time and place Now she travels with the Crone to the Summerland Here I sit Here I cry And I wonder when Death will… Read More

Full Moon Rising Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 1995. All rights reserved. Full moon rising, her pale light shines in the cloudless sky Full moon rising, the stars are her children Full moon rising, take my hand and walk with me Full moon rising, where the earth is sweet Take me down now, take me… Read More

Keep You In My Heart Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2005. All rights reserved. I saw your body laid to rest, I knew you weren’t there You left this place some days before, a spirit in the air Tonight we get together while you visit Summerland We hope that we will meet again and then… Read More

The Ram and the Lamb Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2000. All rights reserved. Winter has gone away, away, snow dissolved in rain Light and dark the same today, spring is here again Time for the ram, time for the lamb Time for the ram, time for the lamb Maiden, garland in your hair, find… Read More

Lord of the Dance Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan © 2005. All rights reserved. Lord of the dance, Heart of the flame Seen in a trance, We call out your name Son husband and father to our triple Queen It’s an honor to meet you, to know what you mean The Squire the Knight, bedecked and… Read More

Dancing With Hecate Lyrics by Wendy Sheridan ©2005 all rights reserved. Gracious Maiden, will you guide us with your light? My Hecate, holy lady of the night We call out to thee of air earth and sea Faces of three — Hecate Skin hair muscle and bone, maiden mother and crone Water fire air stone… Read More