Baby I’m Falling

Talking to your friends last night
They’re saying something just ain’t right
Wish I could make them truly understand
I know you want to take it slow
I just want to let it go
But you won’t even let me hold your hand

Oh, Baby I’m falling hard for you
Take me to the edge I’d die for you
I know you are the only one when I look into your eyes
Oh, take this lonely heart of mine

Talking to you on the phone
Don’t wanna spend the night alone
A night alone can be a long long time
Thinking ’bout you night and day
I can’t let you get away
If I lose you it would be a crime

Repeat Chorus

Have I traveled down this road before?
Am I knocking on an open door?
Is this true love we feel
Or are we pretending there is something more?

Repeat Chorus